Spike PerrySpike Perry, the 30 year old son of Bob Perry died suddenly on April 2, 2011.
This tragedy of all tragedies, the loss of a son, is one of most devastating and numbing things that can happen to a parent. We all wish to express our deepest heart felt sympathies to Bob, his wife Jill, and son Max.


I am saddened to have to report that Terry Bingham, the owner of UnionPolaris "Secret O' Life" out of Eagle Harbor, WA, died on August 28, 2008. While traveling in Bolivia on Aug. 18th, he had a sudden and acute attack of Pancreatitis and died ten days later. We will all miss him, as he was one of the original Union "Refitters" who helped countless others with advice and encouragement. The world is now a little smaller without him.