Dear Union Polaris 36 owner,
It is unfortunate but due to the constant bombardment by spam and the lack of use by members, we decided to shut down the forum. It seemed like a good idea at the time and many found it useful but apparently over the long haul gave up on it.

If you have anything to share regarding our UP 36's send them to this e-mail:

Please send in all the pictures, ideas, plans, questions etc. you might have to the above address, as we may put up a special page dedicated to information from owners. We can also put up "for sale" UP36's, and possibly additional "featured yachts" if interested.

Thank you for your years of participation.

We will still be adding all new boats to our "Numbers Registry", so any UP36's not listed please send in the needed info so we can post your boat.

Best Regards,
SV Moonshine #36